Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Look6 - Retro

I've had this dress for a long time now that I almost forgot I had it. I used this once during new year.. you know how the old saying goes! polka dot mean money! :-)

For this look I wanted to achieve a retro feel, I was inspired by looking at my mom's old photos. Do you think I got it right? :-)

Polka dot dress: Local store (sugar plum)
Belt and Givenchy inspired bangle: MEF
Black belt: MEF
Necklace: Local store (aisilym)
Foxy shoes: Asian Vogue

You know when my mom was younger, she was fashionista! you know what amazes me? She makes her own clothes rather than buying them :-) I wish I was like her! :-)

Today we are going to shoot a pre-nup with my favorite couple :)) I know It's going to be fun because the groom-to-be is so funny :)) I just hope the weather will cooperate :))


  1. You're really a good dresser. I love this. Very sophisticated! <33

  2. Hindi ako sanay naka dress ka. Haha but the dress suits you well. You look taller pag naka shorts eh :)