Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Look7 - Patriot Games

 Let me tell you something. If your'e following me on twitter, maybe you might had a hint on what is happening to me. Lately, I've been giving much attention on haters. It's because it really get on my nerves.

 But then I realize if i keep on minding it and keep defending myself, It won't stop. Then I decided to document my everyday life, when I say everyday life it means my daily routine, my new buys, my plans, everything! so that they won't have to exert too much effort on getting information about me :) what do you say? :)

 I think It's an advantage on my side, It gives me the motivation to blog more.. :))

 Haters are everywhere... I bet some of you would agree :-)

I guess I'm not yet used to haters :-) but I'm getting there :))

Polka dot top: wagw, Aztec midriff bustiers: Wardrobe Check, Black shorts: Terranova, Boots Shoe Goddess, Spike necklace: Forever21

Photos by: Zurich Chan

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