Thursday, November 15, 2012

Look8 - Lethal Weapon

I've been thinking to do a 365 days outfit post.. what do you think? should I go for it?

You know I really admire bloggers who had done a 365 outfit post because you never really know on what problem would come up.. Internet connection is the first problem and unfortunately Zamboanga City's internet connection is not stable.. But on the other hand blogger website have scheduled posts, I just need to stack up outfit pictures.

It is a big responsibility for me because wedding season is coming up.. It means I will be busy again. Oh well! It's just a plan :)) I just hope I can decide soon so that I can take a lot of outfit shots while I can :))

Yesterday's shoot was cancelled so I just stayed in the office watching movies and fooling around :)) I was supposed to go to town to do some groceries but I was too lazy to go out because of the unpredictable weather. 

Black top: Forever21, Leggings: Forever21, Corset: Forever21, Bag: ukay ukay, Shoes: Shoe Goddess, Tassel necklace: Bubbles

Photos by: Zurich Chan


  1. I like the whole outfit especially the leggings and the spiky shoes nailed it! <3

  2. I fell in love with your top, seriously. Haha! This is another stunning OOTD post. Keep it up Charlene! :)

  3. Walang panggagaya sa comment ni Prei pero I really love the top... :D I think I can wear like one. hihi