Monday, January 28, 2013

Looking For Something

Top: Thrifted
Maxi skirt: ukay-ukay
Bag: Mango
Shoes: Ichigo Shoes
Necklace: Accessorize

They say if you want to be good writer, you must be a good reader. I think that's true.. I want to write a script, just a short story for a short film. But I'm struggling because I'm not really a good reader.. In fact I've never read any book until this new year I decided to make my life..lets say productive. The deadline will be on February and I don't think I can make it. But it's ok with me.. I cannot rush things like this.. maybe next year? :-) 

People who know me think that this is not my line.. because I'm always a business woman, Money makes me happy. But I come to this point of my life where in I don't really know what to do and what I'm capable of. I'm looking for something. 

I never think of what I really want in my life until now. Maybe because I am getting old or something.
I realize that I have so many things I want to do and I regret that why only now? why I wasted my time doing nothing for this long? 

I say it's never too late. I can make whatever I want to do. I'm still young. I can still learn new things.

Photos by: Mark Regondola


  1. We should meet. I can help you "write" that script. ;)

  2. I swear I never thought past age 21...I'm FAR beyond that now. Knowledge has no can do anything your heart desires for the rest of your life. Except maybe gymnastics...that might be best left to those 18 and under...
    You look lovely.

  3. it's so hard to write something new and creative like even a short story. It seems to easy in your head, but almost impossible in practice. At least that's my experiences.