Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Look1 - Summer Loving

Pink muscle tee - Forever21
Black bandeau - Terranova
Studs and lace shorts - BestFinds-Thriftshop
Necklace - Forever21
Shoes - Shoe Goddess
Balenciaga bag - ukay ukay :-)

Hi! I'm back! after a long long time at last I'm back to blogging. I really missed doing outfit poses, really :-)

The reason why I haven't blog for a long time because I got so busy. Fixed a lot of things in the company and put them in order. Good thing now I'm stress free and the company's doing good :-)

I know it's not summer anymore but I can't help dressing up this way. In the philippines there's only two seasons, wet and dry! :-) The weather here is so unpredictable and this time it's scorching hot again so you can't blame me if I dress up this way! hahaha

I'm still learning to accessorize so please bear with :-) It's so hard for me because I'm not really a fan of accessories ;-)

what do you think about my look? :-)

Photos by: Mark Regondola


  1. love the bag never thought its an ukay :)

  2. love your pictures~


  3. nice outfits you should post more!:))

  4. You found a Balenciaga bag in ukay?! Lucky you! Edgy necklace gives it a cool detail. Info request on the shoes! =)


  5. Oh my! you're gorgeous! ", both of us...lol

  6. sooo prettyyy mang!!!! :D love this look! :D

  7. Balenciaga bag in ukay? You're the luckiest! hehe

  8. Another fashion blogger! Yay! I like the shorts! <3 will follow you thru GFC. Hope you could return the love <3