Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Look2 - Color block

Blue/green top - Local store, bloomingdales.
Yellow blazer - Monkee business.
Neon spikes shorts - BestFinds-Thriftshop.
Pink chunky heels - Shoe goddess.
Butterfly necklace - Accessorize.
Pink sling bag - Mango.

This is what I wore on Ryan's birthday :-) The weather here, again, is so unpredictable so I wore a blazer just in case it rained. Since the neon spikes on my shorts are colorful, I decided to do some color blockings and not to excessorize because the shorts is already a statement.

We went to Catribo to celebrate his birthday. I know I'm not the celebrant but I had so much and I think he enjoyed his birthday too :-) 

what do you think about my look? :-)

Photos by: Zurich Chan


  1. one word for the shorts. awesome!

  2. hello. winner ang neon details ng shorts ah! clearly a great find :)

  3. the character of the shorts! like! :-)

  4. The shorts! It strikes me a lot! I like it <3