Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The hard thing about being a "techie" is trying to keep up with the latest technology. That's what being a "techie" is all about, salivating over the latest processor bump or the newest high resolutions screen.
One of the problems that techies encounter most of the time is the availability of these gadgets and the affordability.

I'm not a real techie to the nerdy level but I still want to have the latest gadgets at the cheapest I can get :-) so my advice is buy online because online sellers don't have the overhead of standard physical shops like employee's salaries, light, water, rent and etc.. so, they generally have lower prices.

I admit that it's a bit scary buying online because of the anonymity of the seller and the big chance of the seller just simply not sending you the unit that you purchased after sending the money, but there are established online sellers out there that are very legitimate and have great service. Here are some of the sellers that I have bought from and deliver the goods on time.

I bought my Macbook pro retina display from here:

Apple store price around august is P137,990
Apple Benta Mansanas sells it for only P124,000

See the big difference? that's P13,990 you save! :-)

Apple benta mansanas resell's all apple products only.

I bought an Iphone4s and Iphone5 here:

Iphone4s Apple store price around February is P38,000
DBgadgets sells it for only P30,000

P8,000 saved!

DBgadgets sells DSLR, digicam, almost all kinds of cellphones, tablets, lenses, flash, camcorder and gaming consoles :-)

I bought my first digicam here:

Cannon store around P19,000 
Kimstore sells it for only P13,000

P6,000 saved!

Kimstore sells DSLR, digicam, almost all kinds of cellphones, tablets, lenses, flash, camcoredr and gaming consoles :-)

These three are truly trusted sellers :-) this is based from my own experience :-) I hope my tips have been helpful to you techies and not-so-techies out there :-) 

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