Saturday, October 20, 2012

Look3 - Denim Love

Crop corset - Forever21
Denim polo - Forever21
High waist shorts - Bubbles
Butterfly necklace - Accessorize
Boots - Primadonna

Today was so hot then suddenly it rained so hard. This weather is so annoying -.- I posted this late because I Just got home from work :-) 

Now about my outfit, this is a no brainer, I just grabbed these clothes not thinking if they matched. When you are too lazy to think what to wear and yet you still want to look fashionable, this is the best combo : corset + shorts and blazer = perfect :-) I used my denim polo as a blazer because I wanted to go all the way denim. What do you think about my look? :-)

Noticed my necklace? It's my current fave so expect this in my next outfit post :-) hehe

Photos by: Zurich Chan


  1. Love this look! So laid back but still very posh looking. :)

  2. Nyay! I like the shoes! As well as the shorts! Everything here? T'was just so perfect!

  3. Omg! Exchange boots! Hahahaha. I love this. Hipster na hipster!

  4. hi charlene! you look really adorable :>
    i love that you mixed different textures of denim together in this outfit. :)

  5. sexyyy Mang! and I loove the look :)

  6. Way to go for the polka top and butterfly pendant! It's time to bring out those denims from behind the closet....

  7. like the denim polo! :-) btw, where do you take your photos? :-)

  8. Awesome look Cha! :)) Love the shoes as always!

  9. loviiit! Gosh i envy your legs.. hehe